Consumption Control (CC)

Consumption Control is a reporting Tool to log the data of all consumption such as electricity/water/fuel/gas/CO2 emission/outlet covers.

The above data can be logged either through BMS / Manual or either Bar Code Readers.

Consumption Control is one of the most flexible and professional software products for consumption tracking on the market, on a structural as well as a functional level.

The tool is developed by Siemens AB, Building Technologies in Switzerland. The product is based on Siemens experiences in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria.

Your business logic is the base when we define your functional needs.

Functions for Energy and Consumption Control

  • Handling of consumption

  • Calculation of meter, e.g. main meter and sub meter

  • Consumption per consumption function, e.g. electricity for heating or lighting

  • Degree-day adjustment and energy signature

  • Consumption and cost budgeting

  • Cost model

  • Cost allocation per cost center

  • Benchmark function

  • Invoice check