CFM - Prisma

Function Modules in Prisma Professional

Prisma Base

Includes basic functionality, e.g. work order, work order request, assets, recourses, contact persons, document handling, property och building structure.

Defined Activities Management

All type of predefined repeating work order like PPM, inspection based PPM or asset tracking. Yearly or shorter frequencies.

Planned Activities Management

Planning tool for building maintenance, budget information and status database. Longer frequencies then one year.

Material Allocation Management

Includes functionality for material handling like stores, spare parts, internal or external requisition and purchase information.

Key Management

Database with key and door lock information. Which key fit which door, and who lent a key with receipt function.

Resource Management

Planning tool for resource allocation to work orders and projects.

Main System Management

All the important system and assets for a building function that are connected via electrical cables, pipes and ventilation shaft can be tracked.

Cost Budget Management

Budget process tool integrated with all the cost tracking or planning functions. Actual and multi year prognoses or budget.

Cost Allocation Management

All costs that are allocated to other cost centers internally or will be invoiced to customers. With this function, invoices can be prepared. e.g. splitting of service contracts, external rent costs or material.

DESIGO Integrator

BMS from Siemens can be integrated within Prisma Professional. E.g. asset information in the BMS can be used within Prisma.

Drawing Integrator

Within modern buildings, most owners have as-built drawings computerized. With this function, details from Prisma can be showed with the drawing, e.g. localization tool.

Map Integrator

Map (GIS) is a planning tool with geographical information, e.g. to be able to group PM execution.

Web Window

For organizations with an existing Web site, Prisma functions can be extracted , e.g. work request or cost reports etc.

Mobila hjälpmedel

Det finns ett brett utbud av mobila hjälpmedel på marknaden. Mycket av informationen i Prisma kan nås eller uppdateras dynamiskt eller statiskt, t ex mätaravläsningar och inventarier.

Hand Terminal Technology

There is a broad range of hand held products on the market and the potential is great. A lot of information within Prisma can be reached or updated dynamically or static, e.g. meter readings and asset tracking.