Business logic

Base Structures

  • Property structure per building, floor, location and room

  • Organizational information per department etc.

  • Resources, executing department and personnel


  • Non planned maintenance with work order request

  • Repair, investigation and construction

  • Task handling based on alarm from BMS

  • Preventive maintenance and inspection tour

  • Time planned task activated based on date or running hours

  • Inspection and need based maintenance

  • Long-term planned building maintenance

Assets, Plants, Equipment and System

  • Technical building infrastructure, e.g. water, elevator, ventilation, heating and cooling

  • Equipment and tools

  • Productions plants

  • Inventories


  • Actual cost per cost center and account

  • Yearly periodic budget

  • Multiple year periodic budget

  • Actual cost compared with budget

Store and Material Handling

  • Store inventory

  • Material and cost allocation, per account and cost center

  • Receiving material

  • Store and purchase requisition

  • Purchase information

  • General information and re-ordering level

Rent and Cost Breakdowns

  • Rent per square meter and object

  • Cost per square meter and object

  • Handling of fixed cost, cost from work order request and energy cost from CC

  • Invoicing information

Handling of Document

  • Drawings

  • GIS

  • Text and word document

  • Inspection protocol

  • Photos och video

  • Web link

Mobile Tools

  • Barcode for readings and PPM

  • Receive work order

  • Asset information

  • Cost information